Tuesday April 16

Toronto and Simcoe to make the trip complete.

With only 3 more days to go, the trip seems to be so short… The group enjoyed so much already in such a short time that most of the players and parents will start to enjoy the tour even more over the next days, weeks and months when they look back at everything they did this week.

Today Toronto was on the schedule, Early in the morning the group drove to the CN-Tower to have a perfect view over the city of Toronto. With great weather this was an unforgettable moment for the entire group. Following lots and lots of pictures we then walked to the Scotia Bank Centre, the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and felt the special atmosphere as the team is doing good in the Play-Offs.

Then one of the highlights of the trip the Hockey Hall Of Fame, this remarkable Ice Hockey museum was very much liked by all players, and a picture with the Stanley cup was needed to frame the moment for years to come.

Then the group left the busy City and drove to Simcoe a small town away from the business of the busy Canada city’s. A great little town that very much welcomed the German team. Following news paper adds, and spots on the local radio a full rink of people showed up for a great game of hockey.

RAPTORS even managed to take a 1-3 lead in the first period, but in the last seconds of the game the home team managed to score the last and deciding goal to win the game.

After the game, the team was invited for a dinner with the Home team, and this was a great closure of another busy tour day. Lots of facebook info was shared with probably several new friendships to be come.

At 23.00 we all arrived at the hotel for a well-deserved night of sleep.

Monday April 15

A long trip, Ottawa to Toronto ..

Monday was the travel day, the group had to get from Ottawa to Toronto on Monday evening. The travel day was broken into 3 parts starting with a visit to the Rockland Hockey Academy, were the players and parents got introduced to a real hockey school. A place were kids of different nationalities can enjoy hockey on a daily base while follow regular school in the same complex.

The Hockey academy has students from 13 yours old to 18 years old from several different nationalities. A tour by the facility showed everyone how the campus works and what the possibilities are.

Following the visit the bus turned towards Kingston for another blitz visit. We returned to Fort Henry, but now for a guided tour.

The group enjoyed a great explanation on why the fort was build, how the life was at the fort and who and how they were living there. This cultural tour was well enjoyed by the entire group. And will stay as part of the wonderful memories of the trip.

Before arriving to the hotel, the group made a quick on route stop for some food and free time.

An early night today in preparation for a long and busy day tomorrow!

Toronto here we come …

Sunday April 14

Ottawa, what a day …

Immediately following breakfast our bus left for Pro-Hockey-Life in Kanata. A hockey heaven for players, this multi floor hockey shop was by far the largest and most complete hockey shop everyone ever had seen before. The 1h30 shopping limit was used till the last minute. The additional discount provided by the shop and tour organisation mad just the difference.

The hockey shop was located just beside the NHL rink of the Ottawa Senators, so the bus drove by the arena to have a closer look.
HockeyProm had setup another surprise visit to the rink for the entire group. Another great, even better tour of this wonderful arena and home of the Ottawa Senators.

The 1h30 tour inside the rink was wonderful, we group looked at every area and took numerous pictures of the visit. A day not to forget!

But that was only half the day… now the group enjoyed a guided bus tour in the city of Ottawa, and was then free for 3 hours to explore the city before they took of for game #3 of our Canada tour.

The teams we are playing are getting stronger every day, so also now RAPTORS had to work hard to keep-up with this Canadian team.
After a very well organised and fair game RAPTORS was not able to defeat the Home team but could look back on another great Canadian experience.

At 23.00 the day came to an end when the bus arrived back at the hotel. This was day #3, can it still get any better ?
What a great day !

Saturday April 13

Montreal … the max..

Following the late arrival last night, the team was up early following a short night.

With the weather gods on our side we left a beautifully hotel with blue sky’s and bright sunny weather.

First stop Montreal Mountain, were after a short walk everyone had an awesome view over the city, then the group stopped at old Montreal for a touristic visit and quick lunch. Before we left the city HockeyProm presented an unscheduled surprise for the group be stopping by the home of the Montreal Canadiens, the BELL Centre. Here the group received a on hour guided tour into the arena including the Press box, the stands, the media room and finally the dressing room of the Montreal Canadiens. This was a super and unforgettable moment for everyone!

At 14.15 we ended our Montreal visit and pointed the bus into the direction of Ottawa, the 3th major city on our Canada tour.

Here the Raptors will be on the ice for their second consecutive game vs MaxTech .
To provide the large players group the maximal opportunity to play, we played 2 games. First the youngest players on the trip played a game followed by the older players.

Once again a great organisation this time done by MaxTech Hockey.
Raports tried their best and managed for a limited time to keep-up with the Canadiens, but for both games (teams) 3 periods was way pasted their limit. Both times Raptors were defeated but the as the tour continues the team is growing and without question, they all will come home better hockey players.

Following the game the team and parents all got together in the hotel for a big pizza party.

Everyone agreed, it was another successful day !

Friday April 12

Good morning Canada…

Following an extreme long travel day the group enjoyed their first good night of sleep in Canada.
Due to the time difference everyone arrived early at breakfast and ready for the first full day in Canada including their first ice hockey game on Canadian soil.

The group started the day off with a visit to the local sport shop to get some last minute hockey stuff to be ready for tonight’s game, then we drive down Kingstone to discover the downtown.

Just outside the city the group paused 15 minutes at fort Henry to get a good look over the city, we will return here on Monday for a full tour inside the fort.

It was lunch time before everyone realised, and the group took their lunch break in Gananoque ‘the gate of the 1000 islands’. The group then drove past the 1000 islands and over the 1000 islands bridge to get a good idea on this unique and famous location.

The afternoon was closed by a visit to the Sugar Sand farm, where we enjoyed a tour into a real and operational Maple Syrup farm. Here they explained us what Maple syrup was, and how is was made. The tour ended with a sample for everyone and as the product was so much liked the local shop welcomed a lot of the parents.

And then the floor was for the Players, at 20.00 Raptors lined up for their first game in Cornwall, played at a great and big 5000 px ice arena.

Olav’s team started great at the game and scored the game opening goal, Cornwall however answered quick and made the game enjoyable to see and open for both teams.. Raptors dominated the first half of the game and managed to tied. But jetlag became visible in the 2nde part of the game where the Canadians managed to create a 3 goals gap. In the last minutes of the game Raptors managed to close the gap, but when time was up Raptors were one goal short to tie the game. Tomorrow we will see how the team will perform in their 2nd game of the trip.

Following the game the group continued to drive to Montreal.

Saturday an exciting day at Montreal is scheduled.

— PICTURE PAGE , will open later today —

Thursday April 11

Canada Here we come…

Everyone is very excited to start their Canada hockey trip this morning.

For most of the youngsters probably the longest travel day so far … early this morning they all left for the Amsterdam airport to board the KLM 691 direction Toronto. With 15 minutes delay the airplane left direction Toronto for an on-time arrival. Following they will board the bus again for another 3-4 hours before they reach their first hotel in Kingston.

More news will follow when the plane has arrived in Toronto later today (18:00 German time).


Group arrived well in Toronto;

Following a long flight and an early morning start (some left the house at 3.30 in the morning), the group arrived well in Toronto.
Following arrival the group loaded the bus and departed to Kingston with a short stop In Bellville. At 18.05 the group arrived then at the hotel in Kingston, ready for a well deserved rest.

Due to the NHL play-off game (TV) Maple Leafs vs Bruins a lot of players watched the game and made it a 24 hour + day…
Tomorrow morning we continue the trip to 1000 Islands …

— For now, Good night —- 

Monday April 08

3 more day's

With 3 more day’s to go the Canada tour for our team is coming closer and closer. Everyone is now already more than ready to leave on this one in a lifetime journey to ‘the’ ice hockey country in the world CANADA.

We will visit 3-world cities, many great sites and play hockey , hockey and hockey.

During the day we visit Canada, in the evening we Play Canada.
Are you ready for the adventure of a life time ?

3 more day’s before departure.