Monday April 15

A long trip, Ottawa to Toronto ..

Monday was the travel day, the group had to get from Ottawa to Toronto on Monday evening. The travel day was broken into 3 parts starting with a visit to the Rockland Hockey Academy, were the players and parents got introduced to a real hockey school. A place were kids of different nationalities can enjoy hockey on a daily base while follow regular school in the same complex.

The Hockey academy has students from 13 yours old to 18 years old from several different nationalities. A tour by the facility showed everyone how the campus works and what the possibilities are.

Following the visit the bus turned towards Kingston for another blitz visit. We returned to Fort Henry, but now for a guided tour.

The group enjoyed a great explanation on why the fort was build, how the life was at the fort and who and how they were living there. This cultural tour was well enjoyed by the entire group. And will stay as part of the wonderful memories of the trip.

Before arriving to the hotel, the group made a quick on route stop for some food and free time.

An early night today in preparation for a long and busy day tomorrow!

Toronto here we come …