Saturday April 13

Montreal … the max..

Following the late arrival last night, the team was up early following a short night.

With the weather gods on our side we left a beautifully hotel with blue sky’s and bright sunny weather.

First stop Montreal Mountain, were after a short walk everyone had an awesome view over the city, then the group stopped at old Montreal for a touristic visit and quick lunch. Before we left the city HockeyProm presented an unscheduled surprise for the group be stopping by the home of the Montreal Canadiens, the BELL Centre. Here the group received a on hour guided tour into the arena including the Press box, the stands, the media room and finally the dressing room of the Montreal Canadiens. This was a super and unforgettable moment for everyone!

At 14.15 we ended our Montreal visit and pointed the bus into the direction of Ottawa, the 3th major city on our Canada tour.

Here the Raptors will be on the ice for their second consecutive game vs MaxTech .
To provide the large players group the maximal opportunity to play, we played 2 games. First the youngest players on the trip played a game followed by the older players.

Once again a great organisation this time done by MaxTech Hockey.
Raports tried their best and managed for a limited time to keep-up with the Canadiens, but for both games (teams) 3 periods was way pasted their limit. Both times Raptors were defeated but the as the tour continues the team is growing and without question, they all will come home better hockey players.

Following the game the team and parents all got together in the hotel for a big pizza party.

Everyone agreed, it was another successful day !