Friday April 12

Good morning Canada…

Following an extreme long travel day the group enjoyed their first good night of sleep in Canada.
Due to the time difference everyone arrived early at breakfast and ready for the first full day in Canada including their first ice hockey game on Canadian soil.

The group started the day off with a visit to the local sport shop to get some last minute hockey stuff to be ready for tonight’s game, then we drive down Kingstone to discover the downtown.

Just outside the city the group paused 15 minutes at fort Henry to get a good look over the city, we will return here on Monday for a full tour inside the fort.

It was lunch time before everyone realised, and the group took their lunch break in Gananoque ‘the gate of the 1000 islands’. The group then drove past the 1000 islands and over the 1000 islands bridge to get a good idea on this unique and famous location.

The afternoon was closed by a visit to the Sugar Sand farm, where we enjoyed a tour into a real and operational Maple Syrup farm. Here they explained us what Maple syrup was, and how is was made. The tour ended with a sample for everyone and as the product was so much liked the local shop welcomed a lot of the parents.

And then the floor was for the Players, at 20.00 Raptors lined up for their first game in Cornwall, played at a great and big 5000 px ice arena.

Olav’s team started great at the game and scored the game opening goal, Cornwall however answered quick and made the game enjoyable to see and open for both teams.. Raptors dominated the first half of the game and managed to tied. But jetlag became visible in the 2nde part of the game where the Canadians managed to create a 3 goals gap. In the last minutes of the game Raptors managed to close the gap, but when time was up Raptors were one goal short to tie the game. Tomorrow we will see how the team will perform in their 2nd game of the trip.

Following the game the group continued to drive to Montreal.

Saturday an exciting day at Montreal is scheduled.

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